Saturday, June 27, 2009

German Chocolate Cake

I found a delicious German Chocolate cake recipe in a book my mom bought. It's Trisha Yearwood's book called "Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen." She has lots of really yummy and pretty easy recipes in here.

Apparently this is Garth Brook's favorite German Chocolate cake recipe, or so the book says :)
I made this cake, following her instructions exactly, and the only draw back to me was, it took 4 hours start to finish! Maybe it was just my experience, who knows.
Anyway, the cake flour and rich dark chocolate made it dense and delicious!
The only change I made was adding chocolate ganache to each of the layers to lock in the moisture (along with the coconut & pecan icing) and then to make it look less like a giant cheeseball, I piped the remaining ganache around the edges.

Here's a closer look at this delectable icing; evaporated milk, eggs, sugar, butter, chopped pecans, coconut and vanilla, mmm! Everyone really enjoyed it!

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charmaine said...

wow, that cake looks beautiful! i love how you added the chocolate, it really looks pretty and delicious. i just ordered this book, so i'll be looking forward to making this cake. is the book full of pictures? i was just wondering, i like to see the finished product. also, i wanted to say thank you for following She's So Pretty, i really appreciate it. love your blog!

God Bless,