Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Birthday William & Grace!

Two of the kids I keep had their birthday this week, William turned 3 and Grace turned 7!
They both love cake bites so that's what they got from me! Will's always playing football and baseball so I attempted to make some out of cake... except I realized too late that I had no red for the details on the baseballs so they didn't turn out :(
But here are the footballs!

And I'm sure he didn't mind eating the plain white cake bites that were supposed to be baseballs!
Gracie asked for blue cake bites with pink flowers on them... This is what I came up with:

I made the flowers out of melted white chocolate tinted pink. I just piped the flower on wax paper and once it was dry, put it on top of the cake bite with a dab of melted chocolate!
Happy Birthday Grace! You too Will! I love you both :)

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Bridget said...

How adorable! ♥