Saturday, March 21, 2009

UT and A&M Cookies

It is definitely wedding season! I am personally in two weddings soon and have been contacted to do cookies, cake bites, cakes and cupcakes for other weddings as well. So needless to say, I have been pretty busy!

The latest order was from The Two Clever Chicks ( for 200 UT Longhorn and A&M Aggie cookies for a client of their's.

It took some time and steady work but here they are! Hope the bride and groom were pleased :)

This is the "Gig'em" hand for the Aggies. (I didn't know when I first saw the cookie cutter, so I thought I'd let you know... maybe you have to be more familiar with A&M :)

A Barbie Party!

My precious niece Kyleigh Brooke just turned 5! She and I are very close and I am sad to see her growing so quickly :(
I have made her cake every year (Pooh, Dora & Boots, Ariel and Bunny cakes in the last 4 years) and this year she requested something "Barbie!" I decided hot pink and purple cupcakes would be cute. Have a look...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Ocean Scene

After visiting Cancun, I had to paint the white sand and beautifully blue/turquoise water. I used many variations of blues and greens to create the shallow waters. Unfortunately, the photo I took does not do it justice.

"Shallow Water" Set of two 24 x 30 paintings, Acrylic on canvas

My Vanilla Cupcake

I have been in love with all of the "daily painters" lately ( Some of these amazing artists have been doing food series (Oriana Kacicek, Debbie Miller, Jelaine Faunce, etc). From pomegranites to truffles, all of their work is just delicious.

Here is my first attempt at painting a cupcake. I want to do a food series also.

"Vanilla Cupcake" 11 x 13 Acrylic on canvas

Finally... Some Artwork!

I have been meaning to post some of my artwork but I have been busy with baking and kept putting it off! So here we go, I will add more artwork, along with posts from baking, just remember to CLICK the LABELS on the right hand side of my page to see exactly what you are looking for!

Here is an untitled 24 x 30 graphite drawing I did some time ago.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wedding Shower

Here are the 50 butter recipe cupcakes I made for a wedding shower. I got to use my new cupcake stand for the first time! How do ya like it?
Thank you Tia for taking the photo :)

And I also got to use my new Cupcake Courier, thanks Mom!