Saturday, March 21, 2009

UT and A&M Cookies

It is definitely wedding season! I am personally in two weddings soon and have been contacted to do cookies, cake bites, cakes and cupcakes for other weddings as well. So needless to say, I have been pretty busy!

The latest order was from The Two Clever Chicks ( for 200 UT Longhorn and A&M Aggie cookies for a client of their's.

It took some time and steady work but here they are! Hope the bride and groom were pleased :)

This is the "Gig'em" hand for the Aggies. (I didn't know when I first saw the cookie cutter, so I thought I'd let you know... maybe you have to be more familiar with A&M :)


Anonymous said...

My daughter is a Texas A&M grad and her new husband is a UT grad. We wanted to bring this into the celebration someway, so, Ashley made these wonderful cookies for my daughters wedding last March. They were served with milkshakes at 10:30 PM for a late snack at the reception. She did a great job and they tasted great!!! Thanks Ashley for all your hard work! Happy Mom of the bride!!!

Anonymous said...

If you could make these cookies for a may 1st wedding please email me at