Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!! :)

I'm 24 today!

*Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes!  I truly appreciate you taking the time :)

I had a GREAT birthday by the way... My boyfriend threw me a little surprise party with family & friends!  I was shocked and so excited- no one has ever done anything so thoughtful and special for me like that <3  He planned every detail with our moms- how cute is that!

I think I'll keep him :)


kelly said...

happy birthday!

Cat J B said...

Happy happy birthday!! Oh so young, lol...!

charmaine said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! i hope you had a fabulous birthday!

God Bless,

birthday girl said...

yay!!! happy birthday ashley! thanks for visiting & supporting the new site layout. hope you had a great birthday weekend.

Kellie Collis said...

Happy birthday bella~! x

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday!!!! <3

charmaine said...

hi Ashley! happy to hear you had a wonderful birthday. by the way, i have to tell you, i just love your name, so pretty. anyway, have a fabulous day!

God Bless,

MissBliss said...

happy birthday! 24 on the 24th :)

my mom is the 23rd...

that is sooo cute that he planned the party details out with your moms; they must have had so much fun!