Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Flowers

I can't believe tomorrow is Halloween!  Where has time gone??? The last couple of weeks have been so busy with school and work, I feel like it's flown by. 

I am so glad it's Friday though- it could honestly not get here fast enough.  Once I make it to 5 o'clock I should be able to slow down and enjoy the weekend, yay!

It should be a really good one- I'm going to the OSU/Texas game in Stillwater for Chris's birthday! Maybe I'll bake something for Halloween when I get back (I have an idea in mind!)- as for now though- NO time. 

Happy Weekend!



MissBliss said...

what a cute pic! hope you had lots of fun... fall and football!!!

Loving life in Southern California! said...

Pretty blog! I love that image! Following you now!

Loving life in Southern California! said...

Awww...that really sucks! I hope your day/week gets better soon! things will turn around soon :)